Monday, August 8, 2011


With 25 days before the MAN burns, my mind is swirling in creative energy.  So much so that everyday, all day long, I feel high.

Soon, I'll be going HOME.  Soon, I'll be surrounded in a dusty, soulful, wild, exhilarating ruckus!  It's all I can think about.

I love my camp mates, my playa playmates - those I've known for years and those I've yet to meet.  To me, we are family.  Can't wait to hang with them, dance with them, laugh with them, and share some of the most amazing moments of our lives.

This year, in addition to making 30 or so faux fur merkins, I made a giant Voodude doll.

  He's A D O R A B L E !!!  

So that there is no confusion, I made him a name tag.  
His name is Mike.  He's from Boston and he has Issues.

(you'll need to read my book to get the full scoop on Mike)

Why a GIANT Voodude doll?  Well, he's an interactive art project of sorts.  I'm going to drag him around the playa with the help of a posture corrective dominatrix collar and matching leash.

I made giant pins that you can stick in him.   

Giant pins =  clown noses glued onto knitting needles.  
CLOWN NOSES, what a great idea!  Thank you Miss Pegged.  

I was so excited when I finally finished him that I thought I'd show him around town.  

(seatbelt on, safety first) 

Then I brought him to work. 

Miss Pegged gave Mike swing dance lessons. 

And, how sweet, his first kiss! 

Dragging around a GIANT Voodude doll is harder than it looks.  Both of us needed a nap. 

Mike's trip to Burning Man is a one way ticket.  He'll be placed inside the Man and lit on fire after the week is up.  Along with a lot of anger, disappointment, rejection, and bitterness - that lingered way too long.



  1. The only sad thing about this post is that Mike is destined to be destroyed. He's awesome, Shannon, and will be missed.


  2. I'm so in love with Mike and the fact he has issues is that much more endearing to me. I really want a Mike of my own and I have a roomy F-150 for him to ride in. :)

    BTW, the video of the killing dog had me crying I was laughing so hard.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I LOVE the giant voodude doll!!!!

    I wanna go to Burning Man!!!!



  4. Yeah I know how much you love Burning Man! Mike is a complex individual. That much is clear.

  5. Thank you for your comments Betty, Shoes, Jay and Julie. You really know how to make a girl smile :) And Shoes... YOU would LOVE Burning Man! Lots of NOLA folk are there - they have their own French Quarter! You can camp with us. We're called Orphan Eaters and you'll fit in perrrfectly.

  6. OK. Once I get past the fact that it's alot of work to make him AND HE'S SO AWESOME!!!! only to be burned "alive"... I love the idea that he holds resentment and anger to be let go.

    (Does that sentance make any sense? Because my name's Juli, I'm from Boston, and I also have issues.)

  7. What an exciting journey. From reading your blog I know how much this means to you. May you have a wonderful time. I'll be thinking, "Burn Mike, burn!"

    (Daily Spirit)

  8. I love the giant voodude! I have the opposite around here somewhere, a very tiny voodude...I love saying voodude, it's lots of fun. I think everyone should say it with me on the count of three: one, two, three...voodude!

  9. boy...... your comments are SO FANTASTIC! thank you, thank you. I felt a bit ODD making and carting around my Voodude doll but you all make me feel, crafty not crazy! xoxoMonkey HUGS to everyone!

  10. (and yes, I'm saying it loud and proud Sam)

  11. What a great Voodude doll! And I love the word, Voodude! Can't wait to read about this year's Burning Man experiences you have!

  12. Thanks Marty! I'm getting a bit too attached to Voodude. It's going to be hard to watch him burn.

  13. The voodude doll is awesome (who doesn't love a man with issues?). And your passion for Burning Man is uber-awesom!

  14. "awesom" ??? Okay, the e is silent!!!

  15. So cool...Giant Voodoo Doll WITH PINS!!!! I love it. Just up the street from where I work an artist was building a metal and wood chrysalis to take to Burning Man. I prefer your doll in simplicity and creativity.

  16. Thanks Monkey Man and Katie!!!! I'm back and I promise to post a follow up to Mike very soon... still working through the emotions (and the playa dust)


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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