Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waiting for a Rainbow

It's 8:52 AM on a Tuesday morning.  A thick, wicked sky brews a summer storm and knocks out our electricity.

Sweet Miss Lucy is on my lap, trembling.  With anxious eyes she begs me to make it STOP. Convinced writing is distracting me, she rests her chin on my wrist and licks the back of my hand.

Mylo - my fearless, agile hunter - has abandoned his guard post at the foot of the bed for a dark corner under the bed.  His eyes are shut tight, his head bowed low.  He is panting heavily and with his front paws together, looks as though he is praying for a rainbow.

Kittay is pacing the hallway - back and forth, back and forth - flipping her tail, meowing, meowing. Moments later, perfectly timed with a crack of thunder, she coughs up a hairball and then looks my way as if to say Clean It UP!

In addition to violent storms, Miss Lucy is afraid of the wind - the way it whips the curtains and bends the plants that line our deck.

Kittay is afraid of the birds.  They swoop and dive bomb her - forcing her to take cover in the shade of thick brush until the air is still.  But together, Kittay, Miss Lucy, Mylo and I walk freely.  As a team, we are a powerful force.

Mylo worries he'll disappoint.  A rescue dog, hoboing the highways of Georgia with three similar looking strays, he was the last to be caught and the last to find a home.  It is clear to us that they saved the best for last.

These are my compassionate, comical, loyal, low maintenance, friends. 

They are great listeners and instant mood elevators.  They encourage me to exercise and encourage others to stop and socialize.  

They find me fascinating and follow me everywhere.

They are not afraid of my tears.

In return all they ask for is love - lots and lots of LOVE.  And treats.  They love treats.  And food.  Wet food.  And some of your food.

And on mornings such as this...a rainbow.

My low maintenance friends:

Kittay aka Miss Phoebe

Miss Lucy aka Goosy, Lucy Goosy, Gooseball

Mylo aka Mr. Mylo aka Pete

I tried for 2 days to get them all in the same shot

Green Monkey Tales © 2010 Shannon E. Kennedy

rainbow over daisies courtesy of google image


  1. I am currently traveling, away from home and my two dogs - Verdell and Murphy - you made me think of them and miss them even more! I love them and they love me unconditionally too - and god have they seen me cry...thanks for your post!!

  2. My dog, Tinker, an oversized german shephard, always climbed on my lap whenever there was a storm. Somehow, he could tell, even if they were many miles away. His fear became our weather forcast. Tinker is gone now to doggy heaven. My Daisy is the one who waits with me for the storms now, though she boldly and fearlessly welcomes them. As far as my internal storms, she keeps me company then too, supports my tears and shows me courage.

    Your pets are adorable. What a blessing.

  3. Hi Shannon! Awww, what sweet pets! My "baby" Tiger...my 13 year old Rottweiler/German Shepherd Mix is also afraid of storms. I always feel so helpless when she paces and pants, because I can do NOTHING to help soothe her! I have quite a few pictures of her on my blog, in various places! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  4. Are pets the best? The are so adorable. I was just thinking about my old kitty, Blue. He passed away 3 years ago! But he was 19 and lived a full, happy life (16 years with me! Wow!). Enjoy your pets!

  5. yep Cheryl, pets are the BEST! and Blue will wait for you I'm certain of it :)

    Becky, I'm going to check out Tiger now

    Big hug and kiss to Verdell and Murphy :) Would love to hear the story behind THOSE 2 Names

    AND to Daisy and Tinker (just because he isn't here with you doesn't mean he's gone)

    and to all our four legged friends

  6. This post sort of came on my dashboard this morning but would never load. I'm glad I came back to find here at last. I love pets, aren't they just the best. You might like my post "Oh it's you"

    Any who, good post!! :)

  7. Visiting over from SITS! Love your blog, I'm your new follower!... my Oliver is also my low maintenance friend... all he wants is love, food and a walk... done!

  8. Funny they are all scared of the weather. Animals offer great comfort. I am glad they found you and vice versa.

    Happy SITS day.

  9. Cheers to you and your low maintenance friends! And to rainbows!

  10. Aren't animals funny? I'm quite sure they think we have the ability to control the weather. After all, we control everything else in their lives. I couldn't live without mine - 2 crazy cats & a sweet St. Bernard.

  11. cute animals. I like how descriptive you get when you write. It's a total change of pace from other blogs I read.

  12. My Golden Retriever Finn is very patient with my need to photograph him, even as he rolls his eyes at me. But then, I am very patient with his fear of thunder and fireworks...

  13. Aaaaw, they are all gorgeous and so beautiful. I love your pets. Sometimes, when there is a bad storm heading our way, we (my male gsd and I) are hiding underneath the blanket together. LOL

  14. A sweet tribute to your loyal friends! I miss the pets I've had throughout the years...

    Happy (belated} SITS Day!

  15. This is great that you have so many little friends! :)

  16. I found you on SITS and I love your blog. It is wonderful to read your descriptions of a storm. Not to mention your intense love of your pets. Congratulations!!


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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