Friday, December 17, 2010

Thawing Out

Outside - There is a light dusting of snow coupled with a ridiculous amount of salt.  The waterfall, which flows less than 200 feet from my door, is 75% frozen.  I rush from the car to the house and have persuaded the dog to do the same.

Inside -  My curtains are closed to keep out the cold.  A treadmill replaces my laptop.  I have pounds to lose and nothing to write about (half truth).

I'm reading Naked, Drunk and Writing by Adair Lara.  I'm fully dressed, sober and running out of excuses.

If I were not in a self imposed funk what would I write about?

Step One - Ideas

1.  Dad stuck in the tub - how he got there and how I got him out ...with dignity.
2.  Red Dance - moving beyond my insecurities.
3.  Online Deception - dating gone wrong.
4.  A Best Friends betrayal  - a juicy good TRUE story
5.  Santa Convention - jolly, clean, holiday fun

Lets see where I go from here.   Most of my work stems from an email.  Who wants an email?

Thank you for not giving up on me, and for reaching out, repeatedly.


Short Film by Jean-Julien Chervier
Since he arrives to the nude-camp forced by his mother, Leo a 12 year-old, feels like dying. Until he meets Antoinette and her magic mushrooms...


  1. Shannon, it's so nice that you're back. I thought of you often and wondered if you would resume your blog. So glad you did. I appreciate your writing, your story, you.

    I know you're strong, and I hope life's challenges are not.

  2. I think they are all good ideas. Yes love email.

    Happy Holidays

  3. OK, so, how about putting a magneto on your walking machine which would give you the electricity to use your computer?
    (talk about electrifying writing!)

    For about three or four months a year, I help a fellow who has Cerebral Palsy and is dyslexic with "no chance to survive in the modern world" (what his mother's doctor told her when he was but four years old)
    Of course he's older than me, now, at 62 years.
    We talk about finding the doctor's grave and spray painting something on the stone.
    Like maybe "Who's Late, Now?"
    or "Still kickin' Doc! What're YOU doing?"
    (of course, that would be mean, so, we just laugh about the ideas)

    A Green Monkey doing a Red Dance? That'll stand out. I'll read that in a fast heartbeat if you post a picture.

    Good golly, Don't date online!
    I met my girlfriend online, but the fact is, she lives in Florida and I live in Indiana, so, having only had 11 days together, we are aware that there might be a flaw in our realtionship.
    But then, we've both been hurt by others in our past...we'll give it a go.
    If we can just get together.
    (I buy a number every week...but, so far, no luck)

    Well, I can't keep this up.
    It's too long to start with (I do go on and on sometimes.)(SOMETIMES!?)

    d=^)) glad you're back!

  4. Some kids get all the luck. I was never forced to go to a nudist camp by my mother. ;-)

  5. Yay you're back! Those blue funks can be awful.

    Online dating...btdt it sucks, lol.

    I am sure you will find tons of things to write about.

    Be well.

    BTW...I would love to see that frozen waterfall.

  6. Good to hear from you, gosh its been long...
    Would love to see some snow pics as here in mumbai its winter but the temperature is 25 deg celcius!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  7. Well this put a happy spark to the morning, nice to see you again :) So, is the book any good since you are breaking the title rules? I'd at least try the drinking and writing part, to damn cold for naked.

    Peace be with you my friend and Merry Christmas :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. Yay! You're back. I kept checking every now and then with worried disappointment. And I stopped by your blog today to find a post deliciously written with the writing style and content so distinctively yours.

    All of the ideas sound interesting and they're all so different which is what keeps me coming back to your blog, besides your writing
    style. I'd like to read ideas #4 & #5.
    #5 bc I'm a "good Mormon girl" and it sounds G
    rated. ;). #4 bc even though I'm a "GMG", juicy, true and betrayal caught my attention. ;)

    Winter and holidays can do much to deepen a self imposed funk. Please be gentle with yourself and take care. Aloha, Rayo

  9. you are all magnificent! do you know how much you encourage me? how much you lift my spirits!!! hugging you all extra tight - hoping you feel it.

  10. OK
    Well, I 'THAWED' about it.
    A writer writes!
    (Throw Mama From the Train)
    (Finding Forester)
    Walking on Alligators by Susan Shaughnessy, a book of writer's meditations (every page a new starter pistol)

    chop chop...

    (and Merry Christmas!)


  11. I, too, am glad to see you back and would happily read any of those stories. Or see a photo of the waterfall, for that matter! All the best.


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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