Friday, June 17, 2011

Write More - Play Less

My intentions were good.
Take a break from blogging, hire an editor, and focus on completing my book.

Instead I:
- Went to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans
- Had corrective eye surgery
- Served on a jury
- Went topless fishing in Canada

Inbetween all that, I encountered several blogworthy moments:
- I had a gun pointed at me
- I had a $12.00 beer tossed at me
- I celebrated my 52 birthday and the week before that, my son's 9th death anniversary
- I put a tent up in a parking lot during a high school reunion
- I pretended to be married to a man I met at an airport bar
- I photographed my real husband at race car driving school

Bridgestone Racing Academy - Mosport, Canada
(damn, he's good looking!)

I started making merkins

And...  dressed the dog up in one of them

As you can see, I have plenty to write about.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of it, but I keep getting distracted.

For example, yesterday I photoshopped cans of "spotted dick" onto my 2010 Burning Man Cock Shots. (Congressman Wiener competition)

And today, I'm heavily into Mashup music and video's.  (what is she talking about?)

Check out this "Bouncy Lovehop":

A big part of my distraction is Facebook. Its soaking up my mornings and winding down my evenings. Rumor has it that an intervention is underway.  Even my cat is pissed.

I'm under strict instructions from Boris (my muse) to create SOMETHING each day or else he'll.... (I'm not sure what my consequences are).

Even WORSE, it appears as though NOT writing is weight gaining.  Since my last post I've gained 5 pounds.  I'm now at my pregnancy weight.  I'm getting so top-heavy that sometimes I tip over.  (stolen from 30 Rock)

But, my main motivation is YOU.  I miss the blogging community.  I miss reading your posts and relishing in your comments.  I feel less interesting when I'm not blogging.  And if I don't write it, it just circulates inside my head... over, and over, again.  I can't even tell if I'm funny any more.

Time for me to focus!

Monkey's BACK!!!


  1. There you go! Intervention postponed for at least one day. :)


  2. There is a god. I was just getting ready to FB you that I REALLY miss the monkey and PUFF here you are.

    I must admit, did not know what, nor ever desired to wear a merkin however my dog is now drooling for one. :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. YEA...she's back!

  4. I was just on your blog yesterday wondering if you're ever coming back.

    We missed you!

  5. Well, you've certainly teased us with a lot of headlines! Hope you'll hurry back to fill in details on those stories, one at a time. Cheers.


    You left just as I started following you, I am getting a complex!

    How in the world did you have a gun pointed at you and I am glad you are ok!

  7. Welcome back, Kotter! Look forward to some of the blog posts about those topics. Great photos as always!

  8. Thanks for reading and commenting! Maybe I'll start with the gun...

  9. Glad to see you're back & have plenty of adventures to talk about...You weren't really gone, you were gathering material? And yes, you are funny :)

  10. Welcome back, Shannon! This post is hilarious and inspiring. You live the fullest of lives! (Fuller than Wiener's briefs, I'd say.) And my, my, what a cute husband you have! I'm so glad you've returned to the blogosphere.

  11. LMAO...

    I did a post on Merkins once... I think there's even a song about them... 'I'm proud to be a merkin... lalalala'...

    Yeah, I want to hear the gun story... and the topless fishing one as well!!!



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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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