Saturday, February 11, 2012


catstir [kat - stur] noun: 
Code word for the other "C" word that rhymes with "dancer"

"If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know." 

I have heard various renditions of this phrase numerous times over the past month.

What else do you say to someone in my predicament?

So far, only ONE person has been able to say, "I know what you're going through" because her father died from Parkinson's disease while she was battling breast catstir.

On top of all this, I've got husband issues, and insurance issues, compounded with my usual insecurities and idiosyncrasies.

I'm a bit of a mess, don't you think?  Are you afraid to stand too close, or share your drink?

(Why am I getting so Dr. Seussy?  Does catstir make you Seussy?)

There is this BIZARRE rumor out there that I am not capable of allowing people IN. That I am incapable of allowing others to help me. This is so not true and I can prove it.

I'd like to introduce you to my core, support group.  These people have the inside scoop. These people surround me with unconditional love and compassion...

Miss Pegged
Bull and Dust Bunny
Jesse and Julie
All the OE's
All the ladies on the Breast Cancer Org site.
Fellow Bloggers who won't allow me to hide
Sandy Girl and Sweet Sue
Miss Claudia
Fox, Turtle, Lion
"My friend Bev"
The waiters at Pasta Vera
Rodney the meter man (he's got double insurance!)
Kevin the masseuse (who doesn't understand a word of english AND has great hands)
Arjune, the bartender at McDuffs, who refuses to let me feel sorry for myself (hell, he won't even buy me a drink!).

Toss in Mark, Mary, and my mother, and it's a lovely bunch of coconuts!

All of you are healing and helping me in profound ways. And even more outstanding, none of you are second guessing me, or preaching to me. 

But today, I'm focused on the people who have never met me, yet have gone out of their way to help me.

Phyllis, in the pathology department, who on the "QT," broke hospital policy and handed over my biopsy slides so that I could deliver them quickly to my third opinion.

Wander, who comforts me with his stories. He reaches out, regularly, expecting nothing in return.

And finally, the sweetest help of all came from an unknown child in Miss Mary's religious education class.  She explained to all of them that Jackson's grandmother was sick, and instructed them to make me a card.  This is my favorite:

My Pray to you! 
Do not try to run up the hill. 
you are ill
I'm writing you this letter 
I hope you get better

So... for those of you who want to know what you can do to help, I have your answer. You can make me a card!  I always insisted my children make their cards.  I continue this tradition with my grandson, Jackson.  Why should you be any different.

Hand made cards can be sent to:

Shannon Kennedy
58 East Elm Street
Greenwich, CT  06830

xoxo, MonkeyME  


  1. If I left out your name, I'm sorry! Catstir makes you crazy!!!

  2. I'm SO making you a card. Expect it soon! <3

    1. YES!!!! I'm so excited to get it! Monkey Jumping UP AND DOWN!!!!

  3. It's a handmade card, a "pray," and a poem...quite a trifecta! I'm so glad people are helping and supporting you, including your mom and Phyllis, who slipped you your slides.

  4. Oh Shannon, that card is funny, touching, insightful, sweet, and perfect!! I'm sure mine won't be nearly as "perfect" but I will make you a grand one! Thanks for giving out your address!!

    1. thank you Becky!!!!!!!! children view the world from a pure perspective. they have the advantage. xoxo

  5. Shannon Thank you for the chance to be helpfull, I will have a card in the mail for you on monday.


    1. Wander... you have been a great surprise as well as a gift!!! thank you, joy, love, all good things!

  6. I have actually been making something for you.... it's taking me a bit to find what is in my head.... but it's coming your way as soon as I get it finished. I was going to send it to you Via Miss Pegged at the office because I think I remember you posting the office address at some point, but now you've made it so much easier for me. :)

    And...No. I'm not a stalker. That takes far more effort than I have right now. (((HUGS)))

    1. knowing how crafty and talented you are, I'm guessing you're making me a car! If so, can I pick the color? BLUE...WAIT, NO GREEN!!!

  7. I don't do arts and crafts (I have a daughter who caters to my needs in that department), but this is one I really want to do.

    1. Thank you Sarah! no pressure - and its okay to enlist the help of a child. xoxo

  8. I really believe we should ask for what we want. I admire your asking us all to make you a card.

    Mine may be lacking in artistic talent, but not in sincere sentiment.

    So glad you have so many people supporting and loving you.

    1. me too Myrna! for some odd reason, people like me (except those people who don't like me).

    2. Nothing odd about it, you're entirely likeable, loveable eevvveennnn......



  9. You can expect a card in the mail from me as well. Along with some prayers.

    1. Hey... this telling people what you need thing is NOT as hard as I thought!

      thanks Jessica!

  10. You're so sensitive.If I don't have bizarre rumors going around about me I start one.

    When I get like that (and I have) I just post an entry with a request for money or a credit card number with your three or four digit security code.

    I'm not an art major and I don't listen to opera, but I'll write you a haiku and mail it to you, besides you know how I really feel.

    1. :) castir makes you sensitive, and cranky, and humble, and spoiled, and thirsty, and apparently, Dr. Seussy... and here is a new one for me... needy. Looking forward to your haiku and yes, I know you know how I feel about YOU.

  11. I'm so sorry for your troubles.....

    1. Thank you Lady Gwen. My troubles are temporary. It will get better I'm certain.

  12. First time I have been visible on this page, I will welcome all of your cards for Shannon and make sure that she receives them.
    I will keep all of you posted when Shannon goes through her next challenge. You all are so special and encouraging. I look forward
    to all of the creativity! I treasure each and every one of you for keeping Shannon encouraged!
    Thank You all, for so many reasons!
    Miss Pegged

    1. stop making me cry Miss Pegged.

      Keeping everyone posted when I go through my challenges is a FULL TIME JOB!

      you're the best Miss Pegged.

  13. You already know but....LOVE YOU! Even though I am far, far away from CT - I do think of you often! Love to send you a card - in addition to photos and little Hey Tell messages!

  14. Thank you for giving us a way to help you. Card coming!

  15. Dear Shannon, Sorry I've been MIA. Catching up now! It just so happens I have a drawer full of hand-made cards, so expect to see one soon. And, BTW, now that we have your address, why haven't you posted a catstir-related piece called "Nightmare on East Elm Street?" I don't want to put bad dreams in your head (and I'm not implying), but... And on the topic of Seuss, don't walk up the hill because you are ill...? We all channel Suess, it seems!


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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