Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dance

I am a devoted romantic - a sensitive being with a sensual appetite.

It's a lifestyle choice I made a very long time ago - to follow the creative command of my inspirations, to focus on pleasures of the heart, and to celebrate my tenderness towards intimacy, affinity, compassion and love.

I experience intense, sumptuous, stimulation from music, movement, color, fabric, flowers, flavor and my favorite...words. 

... Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds, 
Or bends with the remover to remove: 
O no!  it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken; 
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken    

The blissful dance of Romance plays a intricate part in the rhythmic scheme of love.

Finding it takes patience.  Holding onto it takes fortitude.  Finishing with it takes conviction.

Do you peruse or pursue the idea of romance?   What sacrifices and struggles have you endured in the name of love?  Is romance an egocentric extravagance or a necessity? 

Whats fluff and whats core stuff?

To me, gifts that sparkle and phone order flower deliveries - are so NOT necessary.  And, generally speaking, I find forced holiday, anniversary or birthday gifts to be irritating and ultimately disappointing.

Cards are someone else's words - not yours.  If you hand me one, I will ignore the print  and read only your hand written message.

I'd rather you surprise me by coming home early - for no other reason than to sit beside me.

What tells you you are loved?

For me, romantic atonement require...
Words of adoration,
wrapped in gentle gestures
and behavior I can count on.  

Words leave a lasting impression, 
while gestures and behaviors speak a truth unto their own. 

It was his demeanor that forced the first glance
His silent stroll, his gallant stance 
The inevitability of a lasting dance
Because he struggles with his words, and I realize I can not ask him to give more than he is capable of, I focus on his character...  

He amorously pursues her, never rests in a pledge.  

When they are together, she is the only woman he sees.  

He is comfortable when she leaps but knows when its time to take the lead.  

He celebrates her.  

She walks in front or beside him, never behind.  

He opens her door, pulls out her chair, stands when she walks in a room. 

The amusement that circles them is validated, but he is first and foremost entertained by her.  

 mixed media collages by Jennifer Gordon 

to view her work visit:
Jennifer specializes in paintings, ACEOS, journals, art boxes, and more.  
She is available for commission.  

Green Monkey Tales © 2010 Shannon E. Kennedy

 for reading, commenting, 
and wondering where I'd gone


  1. I'm back!!! Thank you all for keeping me on track. I took a few wrong turns but I'm back on course - although, I'm struggling with over rhyming when I write - so I'll go slowly...

    I really want to write about my birthday weekend in Newport, but its sounding too much like a Dr. Seuss book. I'll revisit it when I'm a tad more cynical.

    I can not tell you enough how much your words of compassion and encouragement mean to me! I had no idea when I started this blog that I would receive such genuine kindness.

    my sincerest thanks to each and everyone of you (((((green monkey))))))

  2. wow....thank you so very much for including me in this post it gave me such chills to read a hopeless romantic myself I related to everything you tried to convey here.

    thank you so much, this made my whole day!!

  3. so glad you are pleased Jennifer. you are AMAZINGLY talented!!! It occurred to me after hitting "publish" that perhaps I should have asked for your permission first. but, once again, the artist leaps.....

  4. It is so beautifully written. I am touched.

    My son who is seventeen said the ultimate love lyrics are Rick Ashley's..

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    Maybe we should look at romance as "it's the thoughts that count".

  5. thank you sweet Ocean Girl -

    I'm dipping me toe back in ...slowly
    the water is not quite warm but even so, it feels good

    and that romantic son of yours knows whats real. how wonderful for him and you, and the woman in his life. HE is a gift

  6. Those pictures are just so freaking awesome. I've been missing your posts.

  7. You are right Green Monkey when you say that gifts that sparkle and flower deliveries are not necessary in relationships. What made me fall in love with my husband was the fact that he cleaned up my vomit only a week after we started dating!

    I had a gallbladder attack and needed to go to the emergency room. Before we left the apartment I became violently sick and vomited. My husband (boyfriend at the time) held my hair back while I was throwing up, cleaned me up when I was done and then cleaned the floor when he returned from the hospital (I had to have surgery and stayed in the hospital for a week). He came to visit every day and during the visits he would wash my hair and even cleaned up more vomit (the pain meds made me sick). That is when I knew I was going to marry him.

    Sorry for the disgusting subject so early in the day.

    So, love to me is not something that comes wrapped with a pretty bow. Love to me is shown through kind words, touching gestures and adoring looks.

  8. It's funny. I emailed you last night cause I was like, where is she?? I'm glad you are back. Love the poetry. It makes you think about those moments when all you have to do is look at your significant other and you feel that love. Jennifer is an amazing artist! Dag, I wish I had talent, LOL.

  9. Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head
    Slip into my lover's hands
    Kiss me oh won't you kiss me now
    And sleep I would inside your mouth

    Don't be us too shy
    Knowing it's no big surprise
    That I will wait for you
    I will wait for no one but you

    dave matthews

  10. Sooooo glad you are back! Beautiful post! Love the pics, too!

    Love and romance to me are sticking it out through thick and thin...the good, bad, and often the very ugly! His navigation of the smiles and the vomit (BBL) while keeping that twinkle in his eye when he looks at me (although, I didn't refuse the diamond earrings he brought me a coupla weeks ago)!

  11. This was a brilliant post and a true delight to read...I would say that I too am a hopeless romantic, but in the sense that I wish to devote myself to the cause of Art. I think love is an essential and innate part of the human condition...and to understand it is to understand us.

  12. Good to have you back! I missed you. I love your writing, and I also love how you support your friend's art in your blog. There is definitely synergy happening there!

  13. damn that was good Sam!!! you are wise beyond your years (yes, I know I've said this before- can't help myself)

    I so appreciate art and I'm really incorporating work from artists into the posts. Love when you are moved by a piece of art. really enjoy jennifer gordon's work here... b e a u t i f u l

    Angie, great to hear from you! now YOU are absolutely right about thick and thin but thats not something I've been able to do until now. After reading about limerence - I was convinced I had a psychological disorder

    ahhhhh Brooklyn!!! I've got a sour stomach but your telling of your husbands kindness was so sweet... and...and...HE WASHED YOUR HAIR!!! thats a fantasy of mine :)

    (((((((Dazee)))))))))) I'm happy to be back. Now, its time to read all of you. I haven't been writing or reading for weeks - what a nasty funk I had going there... its so good to be back!

  14. Hi Cheryl! so glad you missed me :) I missed reading and connecting with so many of you!

    I found Jennifer Gordon on etsy, love her energy but we have never met. no boundary's here on the internet. :)

    ... my husband has been away for the past week. he left me with his car. in his car are his driving shoes. the shoes have never stepped foot on solid ground and have never left the car. i've been photographing them all week - in different places. I'm going to blog about this next (I think)

  15. I am with your friend, romance to me is cleaning up the barf. We all have a fairytale in our head that we live for... but I am for jumping into that stinky stuff and REALLY get intimate.

    Romance is between the flowers and throw-up.
    They can look and even smell the same if love is involved.

    Ah, love, she creates such grand illusions who could not be seduced by her honey. write on.

  16. ahhhh....sweet, sweet honey! :))))))))))))))

  17. You've drawn some interesting correlations between romance and creativity. I hadn't thought if quite that way before, but I agree. Both are gut-level pursuits that require sacrifices in other areas of life - but usually pay off in the end.

  18. Missed you, my darling! How delicious to read one of your posts again!


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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