Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Captain - Part 1

The celebration of my birth shares the season of my son's passing.  To sooth and comfort me, my Captain plans an escape to Newport, Rhode Island.  

It has been 8 years since my child took his broken winged flight without me.  My wound, now a scar, bleeds still.

The party is in full swing late Friday night when we arrive at our well appointed room rigged above an aromatic coffee and pastry shop, punctuated at the furthest tip of a weathered wharf.

Anchored on a private deck, with our dogs at our feet, we sip chardonnay and applaud the beacon of stars that decorate our horizon.

It is sweet and steamy and oh so salty, here at our berth.

Cabin cruisers and majestic schooners, with their lofty masts and tightly rolled sails, bounce off pillowed posts.

Late into the night, he cradles me.

The following day, when tears accompany a dawn's heavy fog, my loyal companions lead me on thick morning walk.

Eager eyes and joyful tails are a welcome distraction and a deliberate decoy.  I hide behind my dogs, my husbands hand, and thick, dark shades.

We make it back just as the sky cracks.

I cannot predict when it rains.

The precipitation passes but my sadness lingers.  Without words, he knows.  Gently, he consoles - whispering promises of a clear, pink sky.

The sun returns in time for lunch.  Laughter whisked in pleasant trade winds join the clamor of ravenous gulls.   Clusters of restless tourists bounce along cobbled streets.  Merchants with their open doors entice a taste, a touch.

The echo of my hunger sways me and I breath in - deeply.

I let go of my pain, devour chowder, lobster and imported champagne.  Parade through shops - try on this and twirl in that.

It's time to play. 

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  1. Beautiful pics...hope it was healing...thinking of you.

  2. That was very touching. And what a wonderful hubby you have. I am always touched by your candor. You are in my thoughts.

  3. And playing I hope you did lots of! Happy birthday! I've never been to Newport. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. That was a deeply moving story, your magical words transported me and truly brought me into that beautiful world. Thank you for sharing, and being so candid, I can but admire your writing and your spirit.

  5. Very touching post...I was very touched by it.

  6. Beautiful pictures, from top to bottom. A beautiful cheerful place to be with such great companions. So much to be grateful for.

  7. Happy birthday, Shannon! Onwards and upwards! Great photos!

  8. thanks you everyone for commenting - the real part of this story has yet to be written - its hard to tell but its actually very entertaining - if I tell it correctly - but oddly entertaining... it involves a completely different side of my captain... I'll work on it after I find my missing kitty.

  9. Thinking of you! Hoping those waters (and chowder) provide healing.

  10. Beautiful pictures..... I like them very much.

    greetings, Joop

  11. I'm sending you {soul hugs} today. I'm participating in the New England Bloggers carnival and linked to your blog from mine. Check it out here:


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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