Monday, April 8, 2013

Road Trip

Remember when I told you I was headed to New Orleans in April and I was worried about who would watch Sasha, our newly adopted Bernese Mountain dog, while we were away?

Maybe you don't remember this, but I told you. I told you I worried she'd develop bloat from the stress of us being gone. I worried she'd think we abandoned her. I worried she'd think we didn't love her enough to take her with us.

I went as far as making her a video so that she could hear our voices and see us every day. I also found an excellent companion that would live in our house and spend all day with her.

And then I cancelled our plane reservations.  I swallowed the $300.00 penalty fee and cancelled the tickets.

So where am I? 

Yesterday, we were in Lexington, Virgina. It's beautiful there. The Holiday Inn gave us a little Rubber Ducky and asked us to take it with us on our journey. Isn't that sweet.

Sadly, only one Ducky per room. And one shower cap. And one bathtub. And two dogs. One dog goes in, the other stays out.

Sasha goes in! 

Yesterday, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. We saw a table full of Amish people. I gasped. I've never seen Amish people before. There was no horse and buggy outside. I don't know how they got there. Maybe they walked.

Today, we are in Fort Payne, Alabama. Promise me if you are ever in Alabama that you will NOT STOP HERE. You will continue driving until you reach Birmingham, or Tuscaloosa, or Mobile.

We are at the Days Inn. Our AAA Pet Guide book gave it two diamonds. I give it one bucket of coal. One, combustible, metamorphic bucket of black-ass coal.

The WiFi connection code at the Days Inn in Fort Payne, Alabama is "daysinnfpal"- all lower case. Now you have it should you ever break down on the side of the road in Fort Payne, Alabama. 

Next to our hotel is a Burger King. It is the only "restaurant" in town. Next to that is the Cancer Center. The Burger King is larger than the Cancer Center.

More than half of our hotel is completely gutted. There is a pile of toilets in the parking lot. They're used but they don't look as bad as the one that is in our room.

Our room has a view of the pool, which is closed for the season.

Our room has a popcorn ceiling. No surprise there, but what does surprise me is the walls. They are a micro-mini popcorn texture - what I imagine fossilized asbestos looks like.

Our room has no carpeting. It is a smoke free room and yet the bedspread and acrylic blanket is sprinkled with burn holes. And there is something about the lighting that makes my hair look green. Every fifteen minutes or so I have to ask my husband if he thinks my hair looks green.

He says, "NO." Normally, I wouldn't mind if my hair looked green. Green is, after all, my favorite color. But this is not a good green. This is a, I stayed too long in the chlorine pool, green. But the pool's not open and even my skin looks green.

There is an empty vending machine and a broken ice machine and a line of free, giant TV's just outside our door. All of them are broken. Nothing in Fort Payne, Alabama works.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was worried about our car. The dogs wanted to sleep in the car but we didn't think they'd be safe. We parked the car under a light and later discovered that none of the lights in the parking lot work. Why did I think they would work, I've already proven that nothing in Fort Payne, Alabama works. Except for the women at the front desk at the Days Inn. And the people at the Burger King. And the construction men that are banging and drilling and hammering and gutting 100 of the 125 room at the Days Inn in Fort Payne, Alabama. 

the view from our room

what TV's used to look like

before I pushed the furniture against the door

xo, MNKY. ME


  1. Haha! At least the locks seem to be working!

  2. Wow, your hair does look green. I think next Road Trip should include a different route with better overnight accommodations. Or rent an RV! Seriously, I hope you packed some of your own sheets/blankets and checked for bed bugs.

    1. Denise, thank DOG I didn't think of bed bugs last night. but you've motivated me to buy an RV! I'm trading in the BMW...we're in Mobile now.. in a lovely hotel. I am finally relaxed. and a tad buzzed. life is great!

  3. Just remember, travel broadens the mind. Maybe make it your mantra, at least until you get out of Fort Payne, Alabama.

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    1. OKAY... yes, I know this is SPAM but he said my design was "spectacular" and that I have wit. Imagine that! And besides, maybe these pills work... I've been suffering from premature ejaculation for years. Until now, I thought it was a good thing.

    2. Better get your prostate checked, too. -Moose Bailey

    3. GOOD idea Moose.... "Dr Cooked... calling Dr. Cooked"

    4. Shannon, if Dr. Cook finds your prostate, it's time for a new doctor....



  5. Oh my what a trip so far.

    Yes. Your hair does look green. But it doesn't look bad.

    Oh for the love of our pets. We would do anything for them. U have a heart like mine. There's a lot of love inside for Sasha and Lucy. Sasha seems to be a good traveler too. She looks fabulous on that bed with her rubber ducky.

    Have a safe trip. I hope u enjoy New Orleans.

    1. I've renamed her my Gypsy Queen! and sweet Miss Lucy is giving her confidence! Lucy is a pro.

    2. I don't know how I missed the pic of the one with Sasha with the shower cap. That is too cute!!!

      I'm assuming ur are down there for ur tattoos. If so, I hope all goes well.

      I have been reading a book about "The Last Madam in New Orleans" It was an interesting read.

      Take loads of pics and post. I vicariously have to live through u for a wee bit.

      Have a wonderful time and a safe trip home. Kiss those babies for me. I love it "Gypsy Queen". What an appropriate name for her. I know Miss Lucy is making her feel like one of the family. What a wonderful thing.

  6. Hey you...

    EVERYTHING in that photo looks green!!!!

    How long are you going to be in NOLA?!?!? That is a road trip of epic productions!!!!

    Let me know when you are going to be there... and I will get down there to see you!!!


    1. everything looks green but my hands. my hands look jaundice yellow. If you come to NOLA I will be OVER THE MOON!!! I'll be there from tomorrow (tuesday) to the following tuesday.

  7. Wow, strange trip. Though I must tell you I have taken a Thompsonesque road trip with Mr Cooked. No dogs as far as I remember, though. Harp.

    1. all attractive women I'm sure! Thanks for reading Harp!

  8. Rock On Doggies! Reminding me of road trips with Grace and how much fun it is hanging with the golden ambassadress. Don't know if that's a word, but I think you get the idea. Looking forward to Sasha & Lucy taking on the Big Easy.

    1. I am surprised at how well Sasha is handling the trip. She's our Gypsy Queen! She's only been with us a little over 2 months and already she's been to Saratoga Springs, NY, Newport, RI and now .... Virginia, Alabama, and today, Louisiana. She slept through PA, NJ, Maryland, West Virginia and most of Tennessee. Noises scare her and we're right on the street car line, so we'll see how that goes!!! :)

  9. Reminds me of road trips with Grace. Looking forward to Lucy & Sasha taking on the Big Easy! Be safe & rock on doggies!

  10. Shannon, I love road trips! So happy you brought the dogs. Despite your accommodations and the green hair, it sounds like fun.

    Shannon #1 (your sister in recon-gone-wrong crime) lives in Mobile, AL. Email me (rennasus at gmail) if you want to get in touch with her!

  11. It saddens me to say that my TV still looks like that. It just won't die on me and I refuse to kill it. That sure is a sweet Rubber Ducky and Sasha looks cute. She reminds me of my ex right before she took a bath. (Don't tell her. Sasha I mean.)


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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