Friday, December 30, 2011

My First Memory

I am a wee little girl, sitting in an enormous crib. I want to stand but it's hard. My legs are chubby and sweet but they are not strong and I am afraid I will fall and bump my head.

There is nothing in here but two cribs, a window, one big round spot, up top, that mama turns on and off, and a sister.

My crib is here, against a cold, bumpy wall and hers is over there, against the other wall.

She is bigger and I am small.

There is no light dancing in my window, instead there are shadows, dark pockets of nothingness.

I hear her rocking, rocking. She stands strong inside her crib, holds on, and rocks and rocks and rocks.

She is on her way over here, to my side of the bumpy wall.

She is halfway here now. She is looking at me. She does not like me.

She wiggles and shakes and pulls at her diaper.

It is off now and I can tell it is full of poop. I don't like poop. It doesn't smell good. I know not to eat things that don't smell good.

She scoops the poop in her hands and whips it at me.

She misses me.

She cries because she misses me.

I don't like to hear her cry. It's loud and it scares me.

Mama comes in and the big round spot, up top, lights up.

I love that spot.

What is your earliest memory?


  1. Clearly the poo flinging began at an early age....

    hope her aim didn't improve....

    smart little one to know not to eat things that don't smell good...

  2. You were a clever babe! The first memory I have is being in the hospital when I was 11 or 12 months old having an operation on my toe. I remember the incubator, the lights, and strangers. Mostly my mom crying as she's looking through the window at me.

  3. very clever indeed and yeah no one likes poop. I'm not even sure what the first was, so many mixed and matched ones I got..haha

  4. Oh dear. I have no memories of being very young. My first starts at around 7/8yrs old. And even then it's spotty...

  5. Two years old...getting spanked for running into the street without looking. After that it's pretty much a blur until 13. I am always so amazed at people with "young" memories. Happy New Year to you!

  6. My first memory involved wearing one of those baby cover all-like outfits used for sleeping complete with booties. As for my state of mine I remember being very uncomfortable.

  7. I remember when my brother was born, my mom was on bed rest. I was 6.

    I was pissed because I had to walk to the bus stop alone, and it was ALL THE WAY AT THE END OF THE STREET.


    I couldn't believe it at the time. My mom was so mean and all, making me walk the 100 miles to the bus stop. Just because she was on strict bedrest because my 10 lb 14 oz brother nearly ripped her 5'2" body in half when he litterally came out ass backwards. Sheesh.

    In reality, it was three houses. All of 500 feet. With 10 other kids. And my brother nearly killed her, she couldn't even get in and out of her own bed, she had to sleep on the couch for months. And yet she still got up off the couch, limped to the window, and made sure I got there safe.

    But that's SOOOOO not how I remember it. :)

  8. I have lots of memories of when I was small, but they are all mixed up.

  9. My first memory is of sitting on the outside of my mother’s apt and playing with my Fisher Price airplane, you know the ones, the people inside would go up and down as you pulled the plane… was alone, and I was three.

  10. Poop flinging, a monkey trait you know. :) I choose to paint the walls with mine!

    Big Happy New Year's to you Monkey!!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  11. You remember very early. Mine was looking at a horse.

  12. standing on a chair at the kitchen sink in my small Native village of King Cove, AK - eating Cocoa from the can; sister at my side

  13. You know, now that I think about it. I was born in 52 I remember someone slapping me and then I was a checker in a Safeway singing purple haze and it was 1970. The sixties did that to some of us.


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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