Friday, December 9, 2011

Reindeer Games

I owe you a light post. A bit of holiday cheer. In the spirit of good tidings, reindeer games, and all things naughty and nice - I will be heading into NYC this Saturday to take part in Santacon. Just me, Miss Pegged, Monkey Gurl, and 5,000 silly Santa's.

Last year Miss Pegged was an angel who fell a lot. She wore white and towards the end of the night she got pretty dirty. So this year, she'll be "A Fallen Angel" dressed in black.

This is Miss Pegged tossing "angel dust" (silver glitter) into an NYPD squad car.
Typically, this is the sort of thing that gets you a free ride, but these cops were great sports. 

What a good little angel Miss Pegged was. Here she is helping Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cross the street.

Santacon's been getting a lot of bad press lately but I assure you most of us are very well behaved.

This will be my seventh (?) year attending and each year I change it up a bit.

The first year I was "Tally Ho" - along with my friends "Ida" and "Uda"

That's me with two balls on my hat.  
I thought I was slick by sewing on that extra ball
but my creative endeavors paled compared to some of the costumes.

Yes, thats a giant beer bong. 

Smurf Santa!

elf affection

fire and ice

I had so much fun that first year.  

I got to dance on a bar and I didn't fall off.

And I had fun at the playground.

 One year I was Frosty the Snowman. 

It was all about the coat that year.  

Another year I was a panda and asked everyone if they knew where "Pandacon" was.  
I thought I made pandacon up until I started running into other pandas. 

At the end of the night my hands ached from making "panda claw" hands over and over and over.  

This was also the year I found Jesus. 

The year Justin Timberlake sang his "Dick in the Box" song on SNL, I was a bad Santa with a crop and a box on my box - a cute little tiffany box glued to a pair of panties that I wore on top of three layers of tights. I kept asking people if they wanted to see my box, by the end of the night all I heard was, "No thanks, I already saw your box."

Last year I was a "Christmas Mess" 

 This is how I know that "puckered-up lip" shot isn't working for me anymore.  

This nice young man was kind enough to share his banana with me.

The banana's got bigger as the night wore on. 

This year I'm going to be "something that fell out of Santa's naughty coal bag."  

I've been training baby mice to stay in my dreadlocks. 
Working the little fellows six hours a day, 7 days a week.
"STAY dammit STAY!  Do it or I'll make you learn how to ROW"

And I'm bringing a Trust Fund Baby with me.  
She's part of the 1%. 
And she's bringing her pet monkey,
who swallowed one of the mice.

Ho Ho HO, MOnkeyME


  1. Santacon, eh? And I thought I was off-the-wall.

  2. So creative... and fun! Have fun!!!

  3. Have a great time! Looks like lots of fun! I still crack up about Jesus and the banana. Good thing it wasn't Jesus's banana! haha The kissing elves are intriguing. ;-) .........Sam

  4. Hey Sunshine... all in all, this sounds like fun!

    The fellow being helped across the street is the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...

    I havent been to NYC in years... I need to go back...

    I hope you are well. Thank you so much for that meaningful comment on my blog the other day. Your words are always just right... :o)


  5. haha somehow after all of those I doubt you'll be good, but sure plenty of fun will be had.

  6. No thanks I already saw your box!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, you naughty naughty dirty monkey!!!

    Sooo looking forward to this, but I may not be as creatively attired as some....


    there are bound to be even bigger bananas this year.....

  7. I don't have to tell you to have fun, you need no coaxing.

    Loved this funny post.

  8. ah Shoes you're right! well then there is a chance we'll see him again this year.

  9. This was also the year I found Jesus.

    Makes sense, I hear it takes a miracle to get certain tickets for some Broadway shows.

  10. You are SO wacky. I love it! And here's the head's up: I am absolutely going to let you know the next time I'm near NYC, visiting my old stomping grounds. I don't do dress-up, though. (Exception: in the early 80s, my Upper West Side friends and I hosted a costume party on Armed Forces Day [in May]. I.e, come as a political personality, or just be a conscientious objector. I was Mary Jo Kopechne, the woman who died at Chappaquiddick. Fish dangling from my dress and a campaign-style button that said "Better Dead Than Ted.")

  11. What a complete freakin' blast! Wish I could join you.

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  12. Is it wrong that I totally love your Christmas mess costume? Really, I'm thinking there should be costumes for every holiday.

  13. Monkeys!!!! & Miss Pegged! Wish I could have been with you 3. You all looked great. Thanks for spreading your Christmas cheer and pixie-playa dust, and sharing these moments with us.
    DB Love

  14. I saw that picture on FB and thought, "I'm not going to ask," now it makes sense. Sure hope you had a great time.

    You could have taught those mice to chant, "Row, Ho." :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow


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