Monday, April 26, 2010

A Lemon Light, Late Night Delight

(lets pretend this is me)

After a french pressed, extra wet coffee and a light load of whites, I move into my NEW morning routine...   [hula] HOOPING.  It's my favorite non-vibrating toy and its FABULOUS!

Its big, bright, sexy and ultra cool. 

I'm not sure if it's the melodic rhythm of the spin, residue from my dream chasing childhood, or a silly sense of aerobic accomplishment.  Whatever it is, its FUN and when it was over, I feel invigorated!  

Watch me move and groove... 

Seven minutes of wild, circular motion is certain to breakdown the fat deposits in my waist, flatten my stomach, and aid in my digestion.... right?

I have lots to learn, but slow and steady, I'm getting the basics down.  Side to side, right foot rock, left foot lean, and one handed twirls.  

Naturally, I hoop to the left.  This makes perfect sense to me.

Competitive to a fault, I've taped these world record numbers on my bathroom mirror...

HULA World Record Facts:  
  • Continuous revolutions of a hula hoop - 75 hours
  • Greatest number of hula hoops spun simultaneously - 132  
  • Fasted time running a mile while spinning a hoop - 7:47 minutes
  • Hooping underwater - 2:38 minutes
  • Highest hooped -  atop Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Suspended hooping - 41 hoops between shoulders and hips while suspended from wrists
But will my hula hoop deflate along with my giant, rubber, balancing ball?

Will it join a rejected collection of hand weights, exercise bands, and ab rockers?

At least the cat enjoys long walks on the treadmill.

Last Friday, while dining on crab over caesar, and vodka tonic chasers, I ran into my former trainer (aka Hunkie Aussie).   

He looked noticeably uncomfortable.  When I called him on it he replied, "I thought you ...DIED!

No silly, sexy Aussie man, I didn't expire, I simply changed my routine.  I now drink and eat more, exercise less, but hey...did you know I'm writing a BOOK!!!  

Totally unimpressed, he waved his rock hard arm, and bid me goodbye.

"Peak physique won't last forever!" I yelled. 

But surely, the written word will.   Right?

What about YOU?  What are you OR are you NOT doing?  What hides in your closet, under your bed or clutters your garage?   

What motivates YOU?  Where, why, how often, AND how long do you do it?  

OHHH..that sleek and sexy sphere is luring me in... again.  

 My inspiration,  Miss Rosie hoopin' it up with Beats Antique - Burning Man 2009

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  1. I once had a treadmill. I used it's rails to drape my clothes over!

  2. OK Sister! It;s time for a Hooping Competition! I love Hula Hooping. I bought a weighted one to use--almost damaged some internal organs but it was fun!

  3. I just got a hula hoop and I am very excited to start using it. Of course, I can barely make it stay up, so I got a ways to go!

  4. Ooh, you've just given me a great excuse not to do exercise: Peak physical condition definitely won't last forever!

    Thanks! :)

  5. Haha, what a fun post. I thought for sure that was you in that first picture, with those tight abs. My peak physique is definitely gone. I can't keep a hula hoop up worth a darn. I may need you to train me.

  6. ohhhh that will be next, great idea Sam!

    I'll be teaching hula in no time.

    Hell, I taught ballet with nothing but "be a butterfly" memories from my preschool days.

    Started teaching Aerobics before I understood what the word meant.

    Landed my first bartending gig with zero experience before I was of legal drinking age.

    and then their is that security company I run with no degree, police or military background.

    and now... I'm writing a book and I don't actually read books.

  7. Last time I tried hula hooping involved sixth graders and a lot of laughing. Ohhh the trama! I still break out my thigh master every once in a while. Damn can those things laugh stuffed animals across a room!
    Stopping by from SITS

  8. It must be a chick thing...... I can't hula hoop worth a damn.....

  9. Fun! I do have a couple exercise videos and dumbbells that have been unused for too long.

  10. Recently I bought myself Wii and they have a hula hoop game on it. Probably not the same as the real deal but its still fun! Thats been the extent of any physical exercise for me lately!

  11. Me? Huh? truth be told...dont be shocked...I'm a dancer at heart. I spent almost 3 days a week at the clubs in my 20's, not to find a men but to shake it on the dance floor. Give me a funky beat and I loose my self. Today I Love love the Wii game "Just dance" Its a blast and a great workout. :) as always love your posts. Oh and the new blog look rocks...did you do it yourself?

  12. Hula competition, Game on!!

  13. I used to hula hoop a lot as a kid because it was one of the few toys I could use outside. I can't do it anymore though, I've tried. I think I'm the wrong shape now. LOL

  14. I keep hearing about this Wii game ... sounds more expensive than my hula hoop but I think I'll put it on my wish list.

    I too am a dancer at heart. worse, my head is convinced I'm a GREAT dancer! Part of the reason I go to burning man is to dance.

    hmm..... okay here comes a burp up post about just that.


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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