Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raw and Real

Oh how I love rainy Sundays - especially in the early days of spring.

Swaddled in an ice blue cashmere blanket and plushy-pink chenille socks, I sip my coffee slowly and indulge in a bevy of creative endeavors.

My new beau is blogging - reading, writing, commenting.  I have a collection of favorites. Some are visibly seductive, others are wildly entertaining - all are creatively inspirational.

Some snagged me on title alone...

A Gasping Little Voice
Advice and humor from Mr. Condescending
Bacon is my Lover
Doing it with Grace
Sex N Fries
Soul Crayons
Vodka Logic
Confessions of an Unfaithful Widow
The Invisible Seductress
Honest Reflections from a Split Mind
Forever Invictus
It's Kerry's World
Mental Poo
Blissful Babble
Hemp and High Heels
Relatively Unique
SHINY: Large Silver Paper Clips
Solitary in Sanity
Oracles and Archetypes

Recently, I've stumbled upon bloggers who purge their demons and celebrate their oddities. Bloggers who speak their truth and refuse to hide or compromise.

And once again, I am inspired.

With that in mind, I am setting off on a new adventure... to an intensely therapeutic, solitary space decorated in black velvet curtains, familiar smells, and clammy confessions.

This place of mine will NOT be pretty. There will be no spellcheck, second guessing, or obsessive tweaking. It will be the rawest form of me.

It will have a clever, tell tale title and of course, I will remain 100% anonymous. None of you will recognize me for I have never had the courage to disclose the tainted, torn corners of my soul.

I'm down on my knees, purging and pecking ferociously...

I'll be back but I will never be the same.

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  1. You go do what you need to do, Baby! We'll be here.

  2. We've all got to purge a little sometimes! Should write a song with that title!

  3. Awesome. And I feel honored!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    I agree with the 3 previous posts! There is no better time than now! Bloggers, I find, are very supportive!

  5. Enjoy!

    I also click to blogs just because of the title,..

  6. Wow, Deep thoughts. Good luck.

  7. Hey Shannon,
    nice post..
    would love the rain in the scorching indian summer!!
    keep writing..have a nice day.

  8. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Nice to "meet" you! ;)

    And yes, cloth toilet paper. Number One only, though. No bidet necessary. ;)

  9. oh, the irony of life and death...

    I climb out of my dark, clammy space to write my former mother in laws eulogy. Which I will tearfully share tomorrow and deliver on Wednesday.

    I was afraid I'd scare you all away with my dark side.... but you're still there! and, you commented! thank you :)

    I like my new blog title sooo much that I'm not sure I can keep it a secret. Perhaps I can pretend its all fiction. But you'll know the truth...won't you.

  10. So glad to be along for the ride! I love when people are real!

  11. Have fun and don't hurt yourself... Thanks for the Monkey love!! And for the Tip...guess my feeburner box broke, (thats what she said)

    Its about time you got a blog button, :)

  12. Hmmmm, now I'm very curios about that new blog. lol

    Blogging, and the people I've met through it, have been the thing that keeps me going on days when I just don't want to face the world sometimes.

  13. You inspire me and I love reading your words.
    I have something for you over on my blog. Come check it out!


Thank you for encouraging my JOY of writing. By reading and commenting you are feeding my soul, stroking my heart, and in the end...making me a better writer.

Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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