Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shannon needs...

photo courtesy of Google Image. Results of a "Shannon needs"  search.

This post is inspired by a facebook update by my favorite silver friend, Jesse Fowler.

I'm feeling playful (a sign that I'm healing!) so I wanted to play along. 

Jesse's prompt said to google your name, and the word "needs."

Jesse googled "Jesse needs" and got some very telling search results: 

Jesse needs to get out and live! 
Jesse needs your help unscrewing the inscrutable.
Jesse needs help playing with his ball.
Jesse needs to grow up.
Jesse needs to apologize to Christians before representing liberty.
Jesse needs to learn to set firm boundaries. 
Jesse needs a hug. 

Jesse will tell you, that google was right!

This is Jesse.

Here Jesse is sad because he just received a violation for having silver skin.

But Jesse challenged it.  Went to court, with legal assistance from lovely Julie, played the race card,

and won. 

If none of this makes sense to you, it's okay. 
This is a day on the playa at Burning Man, 2011.
An annual event that I've taken part in for the last nine years. 

If you've read me for an extended period of time, you're probably tired of hearing me tell my Burning Man tales, so I'll leave it at that.  But if you want to know more, I'll leave some post suggestions at the bottom. 


As I mentioned, I wanted to play, so I googled "Shannon needs" 
And this is what I got:

Shannon needs an attitude check.
Shannon needs help.
Shannon needs a DROID. 
Shannon needs shelter from the storm. 
Shannon needs your help. 
Shannon needs to take third grade english again. 
Shannon needs saving. 

MY needs are completely different from Jesse's. How does google know? Everything is spot on except for the DROID.  I had a DROID and didn't like it. Now I have an Iphone and I like my Iphone, so Shannon doesn't need a DROID. 

Want to play along? 
Please say you do! 
Google your name and the word "needs" and tell me what google says about you. 

Top "Burning Man Green Monkey"google search stories: 

The Waiting Place contains my favorite Burning Man video of all times. 



  1. Ha! Didn't work so great for me. I would like a face lift though!

    Annie needs:
    your help
    a loving home
    to get pregnant
    your purrs and purrayers
    a nerf


    1. adorable :)))))) I am so entertained by this - proof that I am easily amused!

  2. Robin needs a clue
    Robin needs help
    Robin needs somebody to love
    Why Batman needs Robin
    Every now and then Robin needs a good smacking.

    There you have it....a clue, help, some love and a good smacking. Typical Friday night at my house....


  3. Nancy needs…

    To learn what the moon is
    A man to do it
    To pee
    A sharp sense of humor
    A new moisturizer
    To do a scientific investigation for her class
    $19k by midnight

    I don't find any particular truth in any of these, but maybe another day!

    I also found a link saying there are 4 people in the US named Nancy Needs.

    1. only 4 people named Nancy needs! so interesting :)

      these answers are cracking me up!

  4. Chris needs is a very famous person...kinda sucked up my search, after wadeing through his crap I got these gems...

    Chris needs:
    A weewee
    a hobby
    a date
    a cammera
    a hair cut....

    this game sucks!

    Shannon I am so glad to hear you smile through your words...I have my first interview and spotlite on another blog on the forth! Good things can happen, and do!

  5. that is fabulous Chris!!! and my next post is fueled by a quote from you!

    by the way...

    Wander needs:
    To like Purple
    about ten packs of sugar
    to be fixed already!
    your help
    a home where there is much to do and so many things to see!

    1. Shannon you are a better judge of poetry then you give yourself credit...this is separated enough from my blog to come out clear and say it...The poem was about my x wife that I have to see on a regular basis. At times when she is well I see the woman I loved with abandon, and it kills me. But she is sick...and those times when she is not are cloying. just as dysfunctional as the people in the movie I made reference to...without the booze.


  6. Melissa Needs Your Vote!
    Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead
    Melissa needs hydration after the walk
    Melissa Needs a Bunny & a Stove, Not a Rose.
    Miss Melissa Needs a Home
    Melissa needs a belt to help her climb!

    I love this!

    1. I KNOW!!! me too :)))) oh the simple joys in life :))))))

    2. That is fricking classic...the blob ship hovering overhead...!


  7. I'm thinking internet Dan is a loser. I do need a job though.

    Dan needs therapy
    Dan needs your help!
    Dan needs life support.
    Dan needs to get overhimself to win the men’s badminton championship.
    Dan needs a kidney. (I'll settle for hair)
    Dan needs to change his pants.
    Dan needs our help with a photo.
    Dan needs a job.

    1. Dan, Dan, Dan.......
      now...... do it as "Curmudgeon needs"

      dan needs to change his pants!!! LOL !!!!!!!!

    2. Curmudgeon needs hugs.
      Curmudgeon needs to back off.
      Curmudgeon needs freedom to complain.
      Curmudgeon needs colored toilet paper.
      Curmudgeon needs trained store help.
      Curmudgeon needs a new ass.
      Curmudgeon needs a cheap hooker.

      That's a little more like it.

  8. It says Ben needs a haircut but Ben just got a haircut! It also thinks I need a job, but that's just because Google's THE MAN!

    1. Ben...... you so might need a haircut by google standards ! google has certainly got some insight.....

  9. Beth needs lovin'.
    Beth needs ta slap-a-ho.
    Beth needs to leave a 10% on her $12 meal.
    Beth needs to realize servers get paid **** for their hourly wage and step it up.


    1. Beth!!! you're so...... all about service!!! and I can't stop laughing at "needs ta slap-a-ho" HYSTERICO!!!

  10. Boris needs you. (I most certainly did!)
    Boris needs speed. (Who doesn't!)
    Jay needs friends. (I do!)
    Jay needs justice. (Sure, why not?)
    Jay needs to go! (I do; it's bath time!)

    1. BORISand Jay... I'll do it for you: (fakers)

      Boris needs:
      medical attention
      a home
      to pull his socks up
      to get a tattoo

      Jay needs:
      oh my god..... bizarre...
      apparently, Jay needs to:
      he needs friends

  11. Jamie needs:
    New mates
    Your votes
    To go to RSPCA
    A share in Glasgow
    To share her baby
    To sort it out
    To pay me back

    Very interesting! Thank you for sharing this and making me laugh today. I really needed it!

    1. oh Jamie! what is RSPCA ..? WAIT... don't tell me, I'll google it :) yes, I needed the laughter too! we all do :)

  12. Juli needs...

    Paper pleasing ideas,
    One hand clapping,
    Another new home,
    Urgent Prayers,

    Seriously, it's like these people know me. Spooky.

    Thanks for making me laugh, Miss S.

    1. I told them all I know and even so... they knew you better!

      who doesn't need one hand clapping! and padding... and cookies. (I ate two tonight)

      thanks for playing along!

  13. I walk into work today and Miss Pegged hands me a yellow sticky note with a bunch of words on it.

    All I see is..

    Peg needs a vacation
    and something about fishes and dishes....
    and then I passed out.

    say it isn't so Miss Pegged!

  14. Karen needs:
    A hysterectomy
    A dating manual
    A makeover
    A course in customer service

    Ok, that was fun....but it makes me sound pathetic. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


    1. :) well Karen, this friend of yours really appreciates your kindness!!!

  15. Okay, I'll play --> too funny how close some of these are. I won't tell you which ones, though! teehee

    Angelique needs to get away from it all for a little while,
    Angelique needs things to get stiff!
    Angelique needs a home.
    Angelique needs to seek a way to remove the bite marks while keeping Barnabas alive
    Angelique needs to be an only dog
    angelique needs to realize that she is just as insane and just as weird as becky is
    "Angélique needs money ..
    Angelique needs to stop being so darn dependent and weak and act all morrally.

  16. Okay, I'll try this, but only for you. This is the first time I've ever googled my name.
    Bev needs:
    To get her guns out and defend herself
    Some help!!!
    A vacation
    To take guns off th table
    To GET IN LINE!!!

  17. Hi Shannon. I've thought of you so many times. Didn't make or have the time to check in with you to see how you're doing. This post attests to the fact that the surgery did not take your sense of humor and you're healing well. I'm so happy.

    I've been dealing with my mother, who isn't doing too well. But I hope to find time to keep up with reading blogs.

    I've been with you in spirit my friend. Be well.

  18. Betty needs some love.

    Yikes. That's downright spooky.

    I am thinking of painting myself silver just to get an officer to notice me.

  19. Sarah needs:
    A job
    A cold shower
    to get her life back
    to bake cakes and cookies
    a punch in the face

    hmm ....


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