Tuesday, October 5, 2010

March Fourth

Since Jesse, my BMBF (Burning Man Best Friend) handed me his staff, dipped in white gas, and ignited it - I've been fixated on FIRE.

I hadn't held a baton since 1976 and here I was, in the middle of the desert, twirling fire...TOPLESS!

I elected to bare all after my wise husband expressed his concerns about the flammable components of my Burn night attire.  

note to self:  FLUFF and FIRE don't mix

Had it not been for the support of my husband and my campmates, all of whom wrapped me in a double layer of love and respect, I would not have found the courage.  

I am, after all, a 51 year old grandmother, who breast fed 2 children and has NOT had breast reconstruction of any kind (not that I haven't considered it).   

It was ohhhhh sooooo exciting and I refuse to let that feeling go.  So, I'm practicing with a passion and a goal - to find my way on stage on Halloween weekend, when March Fourth Marching Band plays at the VooDoo festival in New Orleans.

March Fourth is a commanding circus troupe of funky, BIG band jazz musicians and whimsically clad, logic defying, performance artists.

Jesse knows some of the major players in March Fourth, and they have been alerted to the fact that I will be in attendance, but its up to ME to catch their eye.  

I'll need to find a hip, nonflammable band outfit...QUICK!  The fun has already begun...  

So if anything catches YOUR eye on Etsy, Ebay, or anywhere in-between, please let me know.  I've been sifting my way through consignment, vintage and costume shops, hoping to find an old majorette uniform.  Something with plumage and epaulets, something on the lines of my high school majorette uniform.   

Thats me, in the front row (annoyed with my hair), sitting beside the infamous and ever beautiful, Ruth Brace - the original "Samantha" from Sex and the City.

She taught me everything I know - about sex, drugs, twirling and rock and roll.  About how NOT to get caught smoke a butt in the senior lav, or, for that matter, how not to get caught doing anything a good little catholic, country girl shouldn't do, but ultimately, did.

Here is a taste of March Fourth Marching Band.


For more information on March Fourth Marching Band go to: 


You can find March Fourth tracks on itunes @


or, buy March Fourth cd's @



  1. It's great how you have so much fun with life. Your picture is terrific and I'm glad you had the courage to bare your breasts. This will make it easier to bare your soul in your writing.

  2. I never thought of it that way Myrna..... :))))) I'm going to hold onto that. Thank you!

  3. I love that green outfit and the big red heart! And I have something for you on my blog.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. I am all about safety, baby! You did the right thing (though I love the outfit too!)

  5. A marching band that is more than a marching band, very exciting & it looks like they're all having great fun!
    I was never in band or a majorette, though I played instruments (in elementary school), was in choir & in theater (high school & college). Good times (some of them, anyway)+ great friends= memories

  6. Now this was a HOT post! Can't wait to hear what happens with March Fourth.

  7. Thanks Jules!!! you're a GREAT BloggerBuddy!!

    Marty, let me know if you feature any Bars that will allow fire :)

    Thanks Sam, Betty :)


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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