Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Monkee

Being "Black Irish" only got you so far.  Colleen was clearly, everyone's favorite.  

She was the pretty one.  The one with the golden locks, the ever present smile, and the sunny disposition. 

She was the older one, and in her own words, “SHE was the boss of ME.” 

She got to stay up 30 minutes later, she was the first to ride the big yellow school bus, and the one who got everything new.  

And she got Davy.  She always got Davy.  And I got Micky. 

They were the best part of the Monkees. The Monkees were bigger than Elvis and better than Lassie.  And we were just sisters, and I was little and she was big. 

They were the reason we raced each other down our staircase, around the pantry corner, to our still black and white TV every Monday night at 7:00. 

I was convinced that, if it weren’t for her, I’d have everything I ever wanted. I’d have her side of the room.  Davy’s picture would hang above my bed.  Davy’s face would be the first thing I’d see every morning and the last thing I’d see before mother made us turn out the lights.

If it weren’t for her, I’d have those cool, baby blue sheets. I’d have the bigger pillow, the better blanket; and I’d have her Bummy, her best friend Bummy.  Her NOT REAL, Easter basket, bunny rabbit.  

But I wouldn’t have sucked him till he turned gray.  She hugged the pretty pink stuffing out of him, pulled the tickle from his tail.

Everyone knew she loved Bummy more than me.

And tell me, why does the yellow brick road - that long, dangling, double-sided stretch of sticky tape weight in misguided flies - have to hang on my side of the room, from my part of the ceiling?

I can no longer lie on my bed of mismatched sheets, stretch my legs up high and point my toes, or I’ll touch it.  

And I never sleep without my blanket pulled up over my head, because I know, someday, one of those flies will come unstuck, and land right between my eyes.


Ironically... my son's father, Terry, looks a lot like Micky.

This was one of my very first blog posts.  It's been tweaked a bit since then.  And sadly, the fly, finally came unstuck.


  1. great post. makes me feel for you as a child. looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. I just wanted the Monkeemobile. Oh, and I'm the oldest of my siblings, and yes, I used that to my advantage. haha

  3. I have no siblings, but I could feel your pain. And on top of that a fly?

    I know you've recovered from the rivalry. Take Davy now, just 'cause you can. Of course, I know it's not the same.

    Cute post.

  4. Move over Mr. Cooked. Davy is back in town.

  5. I was the third of four girls, so I DEFINITELY feel your pain! But I will tell you, Mickey was my favorite anyway! I thought he was soooo funny! Sigh!

  6. Your first post? That's cool. Sorry, never had a thing for the guys in The Monkees. That would've been... awkward!

  7. Oh how I remember Davy! Is she still the Boss of you? I had a little brother and always wanted a sister. Great writing...as always ;)

  8. I am the oldest sibling, but it was the opposite story; I used to be very jealous of my sister – she is 5 years younger than me and I felt that she came to our house to “steal” my kingdom. Now I am as proud as I can be for having her and I admire her for everything she is. I am sure your big sis feels the same way (and between you and me, don't tell anybody... you are WAY cuter!)

  9. I was going to say; Mickey was my favorite, nothing like a sense of humor :)

    LOL, fly strips. That imagine was just great.

    Now it is my turn. Today I thank YOU, for making me laugh. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. OMG you DID marry Mickey.....
    And as bad as it was having Colleen as your older rival, I had it worse.... I had Eric.

  11. In my case, I think being younger and (in my eyes) overlooked fueled my sense of humor. I needed to get notice and I worked really hard at it :) if nothing else worked, I screamed!

    Chris - isn't it FREAKY how much Terry and Mickey look alike. especially when Terry smiles, which he's not in that shot - when he does his cheeks are HUGE :)

  12. I loved the Monkees as a kid. My brother and I would watch it religiously. Great post and memories. Hey hey you're a Monkey!


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