Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ladies Room Man

Is it okay for a man to use the ladies room?

Yesterday, I stood outside a locked, single occupancy, ladies room at Starbucks.  After a considerable amount of time a man exited.

Because I have no filter I asked, "Did you leave your balls at home today?"  

He chuckled and casually walked away.

When I entered I noticed two things - the baby changing table was open and an XLERATOR 2000 hand dryer had replaced the old paper towel machine.   This GreenSpec approved, patented technology dries hands completely in less than 10 seconds.  It's efficient yes, but loud.

Afterwards, I took my place in the latte line - behind the ladies room man.

As he handed the cashier his money I added, "I don't know what bothers me more, the fact that you used the ladies room or that you didn't bother to wash your hands."

is it okay for a man, 
dressed as a man, 
with no children in tow, 
to use a single occupancy 
ladies room?  


  1. Nope. Never. Call me unreasonable, I have no argument, just no. I wish I could think of witty things to say on the spur of the moment, instead of hours later when I'm trying to sleep.

    Also, I hate hand driers.

  2. I love your filterless approach to life.

    As far as the ladies (room) man incident goes, yes, it's perfectly acceptable to use an unoccupied restroom typically reserved for the opposite sex. All's fair in love and peeing at Starbucks. Plus, he was probably using the ladies room because the woman in the men's room was taking so damn long. :)

  3. I should have asked him that !!!! its like the person who parks over the line in a parking lot. It's never their fault.

  4. and Sarah, I always use the mens room but was completely pissed off when the tide turned. double standard indeed!

    and ...ladies room man, did you lift the seat and STILL not wash your hands? or... did you NOT lift the seat?

  5. If the seat was down it can only mean one thing...and if he didn't wash his hands after that, well, then, what IS this world coming to?

    Or maybe he just didn't dry them...?

  6. I thought about that MG. He was wearing a sports coat, and "slacks" - can't picture him wiping his hands in that. and if he just let his hands be wet I would have seen them glistening as he handed the cashier his $$$ (see how I over think things! )

  7. Observant, not overthunk....



  8. I've never used the women's rest room, but, rest assured, if I needed to go bad enough, I most certainly would.

    I am amazed at the men who do NOT wash their hands after a visit to the rest room!!!!

    A colleague made a comment to me one day while I was washing my hands in the men's room here at work...

    'You must be like Monk or something, the way you are washing your hands...'

    My reply was along this line: 'No.. I just know that I will shake hands with people who don't wash their hands like you through out the course of the day, so I'm just being careful...'

    He laughed, but he didn't wash his hands...

    I've read about tests performed on paper money and the amount of fecal matter that has been found there!



  9. thats it... I'm never touching money again!!!! (I feel ill)

  10. I've used the ladies room in a bar, I've never been in a Starbucks. I've always found it odd if it's a single bathroom, why places even label the door. I guess it all boils down to, when you gotta go, you gotta go. How does fecal matter end up on money? I'll obsess over that all day!

  11. It wouldn't bother me enough to complain about it, but I kinda love that you took him on about washing his hands. Clearly you didn't leave your balls at home, and I mean that in only the nicest way!

  12. Hell to the NO. That is why my restroom here at work is deadbolted. I actually had a man customer beg me for the key one day when I came out of it, and the mens room was occupied. I was a bitch and told him NO.

  13. It would have startled me to see him come out of there, but it wouldn't have bothered me. Perhaps the men's room was either occupied or closed/not functional or whatever. Since it was a single stall bathroom with a locking door, I don't think it mattered much. When you gotta go, you gotta go! ha! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today. :)

  14. Personally, I think they all should be unisex bathrooms if they are single stall.

    And I have used the mens room at work (Also single room, locked door) as well as sent my son into an empty ladies room when my other son was using the men's room.

    Seriously, I have to muti task somehow... we would have been there until midnight and the resturanunt was practiclly empty!

  15. I share all of my bathrooms with 3 men. So, quite Frankly ( no pun intended) I am not surprised about the no washing hands part! Miss Shannon!!!

    ps. Your pictures are priceless!

  16. no, never! i hate it when men don't wash their hands after a visit to the rest room!

    can't stand it at all!

    hope your week is going well.

  17. I'm right with you on this Betty and Daisy !

  18. you probably need to do a blog on why men DON'T wash their hands! park your ballsy self outside the Starbucks mens room for a day...and interview the men who have not washed their hands. for this assignment you will need a pen, paper and glass to hold up to the door and listen...and a gloved hand to slap them with when they offer their lame excuses!!

  19. WHAT a great idea!!!!!!!! who every you are I LOVE YOU!!!! brilliant (in a sick silly way)

  20. and...yes, I'm doing it! what a great idea...... first, I need to confirm that there is the same dryer in the mens room ....SO, I'll have to enter it.. might as well use it!

  21. Men seem to piss everywhere but in the toilet.

    Coffeehouse bathroom women only in women bathroom. I do not want my pants hitting piss on the floor. It is hard enough squatting holding ur pants' legs up without them hitting floor. Ugh makes me sick. I do not even go into the men's bathroom at Coffeehouse. I get one of the guys to check. I do not want to see unflushed toilets, piss on the floor and they stink stink stink

  22. Hahaha this reminds me of a Coffeehouse story. One night, I thought we were fixing to be robbed. It was 5 minutes before closing and I knew who was in the Coffeehouse. Someone had locked themselves in women's bathroom and they would not come out. I tried for 10 minutes to get a response u could hear someone in there. I had two co workers go in backroom. There was door in back they could escape. I had customer outside front door with cellphone ready to call 911. I had asked customers that were still there to leave. It was closing time anyway. And then I gave the final order "Come out of that bathroom now.". The police r on the way. A lie but it worked. A man flew out of the bathroom and thru the front door. A regular customer. I was like what the hell. Later on, we realized he had thrown up in bathroom and was trying to clean it up. I felt so bad. If he would have just called out I'm sick. Tall triple Vanilla Latte did not come in for a month. He was so embarrassed. I apologized and said I am so sorry. I thought we were fixing to be robbed. We r good friends now.


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