Saturday, October 1, 2011

ME and my PPD

I suffer from it 
It's why I talk to my cat
Here's how you can help

Writing gets me high. 
I love watching the words drip onto the page.

And still, I tweak it. 
Until I post it.

Then I wait for it.
Obsess over it.

The comments don't come fast enough.
The hits aren't strong enough.

And so, I wallow in my PPD.

I need another fix.
Must write more to get that feeling back.
But if I do, you won't read the previous post.
It will get lost in the archives of posts from my past.

To elevate (not alleviate) my PPD, I read the wildly brilliant bloggers.
The ones with 252 comments and oodles of followers.

My favorites are the twisted ones who admit to drinking in excess.  Especially if they write about their pets, in particular, their cats.

By the way...I have a fresh scar across my left eyelid because my cat will not balance on a towel wrapped on my head the way the Bloggess's cat does.  Even after catnip.

Occasionally, a blogger sucks me in so hard that I talk about her to my real time friends.

Did you know that HOB (husband of Betty) left Bossy Betty after 30 years of marriage!


"Probably because she's bossy"

NO, that's not it.  She's lovely.

"Must be another woman"

NO, there could be no better woman.

"Then why"

I don't know.  I don't think even Betty knows why.

Her house is falling apart.  She cries over a shoes she's found in the street.  If we didn't live on an opposite coasts, I would mapquest her IP address - knock on her front door, unannounced - with a case of wine and a basket full of kittens.

Betty and her sister Kathleen.  
proof that she is surrounded by love

Some of us write about our quirks and our uncanny addictions.  Katy does it.  She needs you to fill her box.  If you hurry you'll see she's a stalker and the late night creeper.  I think she's awesome and I am impressed with her candor.

Red Shoes is twisted (in a good AND bad way). He's guaranteed to shock you (in a good AND bad way).  We've got a lot in common, especially our thirst for lust, love, re-discovery, self realization and adventure.

JennyMac got wasted on white chocolate martini's then stuck a strangers toothbrush down her throat.  It's gross I know... unless of course, that was a euphemism.

If you want to know about Sex, Lies & Dating in NYC (which I don't because I'm married but it doesn't matter because she's THAT good) check out Simone Grant.  Her Sake + Gummy Bear = LOVE story is juice good (and it was served up on a Sunday no less).

Want to travel to India but no time and no cash?  NO PROBLEM.  Check out My Yatra Diary. The photo's are breathtaking and Arti is a true gem.

Katie Gates is my favorite author.  She's real.  She reminds me where I'm going and why.  Her book, The Somebody Who, was nominated for a 2009 Literary Award from the Library of Virginia.  You can order her book (on kindle or a hardcopy) by clicking here:  The Somebody Who.  Before and after that, you can read her insightful blog at:  Katie Gates: Stories and Opinions

Truth is, the last thing I want to read are "Mommy Blogs" and yet Julianna got me at her title, "Surviving Boys."  She is a self proclaimed "Superhero Mother, Jedi Master, Mediator, Referee, Experimental Chess, Financial Magician, Semi-Neurotic Postal Worker, Surviving Boys.... One Comical Mess At A Time"   She reminds me of why I wanted to become a mother in the first place.

Want to go out but lacking the motivation to go out?  NO WORRIES.  Read Marty.  He's always Chasing Something into the Dark.  I have no idea how he does it night, after night, after night.  Oh... that's right, he's single.  And if you feel guilty about your eating habits Marty is a MUST READ.  He has the worlds worst diet.  I'm only reading him because I know its just a matter of time before he drops dead.  I want to be the blogger that says, "Oh ya, I read him until he dropped dead - with a burger in one hand and a beer in the other.  Lucky bastard."

If you haven't figured it out by now, TRUTH IS, this is my way of applauding some of my fellow freaks, my blogging community.

So, go ahead...pour yourself a bowl of wine and enjoy!
Happy reading, readers.  Happy tweaking freaks.


Do your part - read and comment.
comment daily
sometimes twice a day
comment with your eyes closed
comment symbols only
comment naked
i don't care
just do it
do it


You'll be glad you did 


  1. I have a comment, but unfortunately, I left the room for a minute to do something, and I forget what my comment is. Was. And when I left the room, I couldn't remember what I was on my way to do.

    But I love your writing.


  2. it was about how we want to go out but we don't go out. :) but we really, REALLY want to go out! xoxoGM

  3. I so understand wanting people to comment on my posts. Especially when I write something and I'm like, I will get so many comments and then I get 1. I love your blog and I'm going to check out some of your favorties.

  4. I was going to comment, but I just dropped dead...with a burger in one hand and two beers in the other! Thanks for the shout out, I love your blog and your writing. Don't stop!

  5. Oh my goodness, so many links to try. I'll definitely be coming back later :-)

  6. Marty! I have cyber fantasies about "accidentally" bumping into you while you're strutting it up in the Citay!

    DAZEE we've reconnected. YES !!!! :)

  7. Hey, you... what a pleasant surprise to find my blog listed... I'm surprised anyone reads it! HA!

    I am guilty of reading, but not necessarily commenting. Things have been so 'hard' here lately... the sister who was so ill and almost died... teaching 18 hours of classes when accreditation only allows for 12... of course, the over-load comes due to hardships that have impacted other profs, and I go over-board about helping out...

    I always enjoy reading your blog... and have missed you when you've been gone... and really enjoyed your Burning Man posts...

    Thank you for thinking of me in this post!

    When is Voodoo Fest? Are you going??



  8. YES!!! going to VooDoo fest! it's the end of October (halloween weekend). I'll be there for the entire week. leaving on the 31st. (monday) MONKEY LOVE right back at you!

  9. apparently begging works. I'm thinking.... why not push this self promotion even further. ohhhh the wheels are churning! what if I handed out green monkey tails to people on the street. What's that you say, people have no need for green monkey tails? maybe at the voodoo fest they would

  10. SO relate to this excellent post!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  11. Comments are validations of our efforts and our talents. We should all try to support one another, but life can get so crazy........oops, that was an excuse, wasn't it?

    Namaste and ((HUGS))............cj

  12. TRUTH IS... I love your writing style and that's why I always come back. And TODAY I found some love for ME!

    Which truthflly, just reaffirms what Youngest said to me the other day, that I put the "me" in "Awesome". :)

    And to increase your "high" I'm going to tell you that I'm going to bookmark this post and come back to it when my eyes aren't burning out of my head and I'm not too tired to think, so I can visit all your other fabulous peeps!

  13. "you put the me in awesome" ....OH THAT IS EXTRA SWEET! please give 'youngest' a super long hug (from me, but don't tell him, act causal, like its just an ordinary thing)

  14. Great post ~ and love your writing.....I have definitely felt those PPD feelings....for many years, unfortunately. This was so honest and fun to read. I love Shoes too (one of his followers). I am most curious about Katy, the stalker...hmmm. Now I want to go check out her post!! Thank you for the visit and follow over at my end....right back to you! Kind regards ~ alice

  15. Oh now I'm anxious. I must take care of that PPD by addressing my anxiety about visiting all your favorite blogs.

    Hope my comment helps your PPD.

  16. Nice recaps. I don't know why some bloggers get all the traffic and comments and some don't (myself falling into the latter category), but I've come to accept that it's mostly out of our control. Fate has her way.

  17. Thank you for introducing us to all these wonderful bloggers, most of whom aren't mommy bloggers. Why do the mommy bloggers get all the attention?
    Hmm...If this some sort of reverse psychology ploy to lure us away from the Green Monkey, it won't work (not for long, anyway). Whether you want us to or not, we're going to return ;)

  18. Done. I gave him an extra long hug AND a smooch on the the mall no less!

    He didn't even flinch.

    Must have been tired...


  19. kitty pic is a bitch, not a height lover!!

  20. Hahaha. The trick with the sleeping Squirrel is that it was
    A) tired
    B) A Squirrel
    I do appreciated the effort, though.
    I post anonymously. I don't know why. I assume you'll figure out who I am, anyway ;)

  21. HMMMM.... I can't figure out who you are Anonymous. (thick Irish I suppose)

    Thank you Sam, Lucy and Myrna! I'm feeling soooo much better!

    I am just realizing that my iphone reply's are not going through. So if you thought you were being ignored it is SO NOT TRUE - just a technical glitch

  22. Shannon, I'm so honored to be included in this group. Your words flatter me and justify the hours devoted to blogging and traveling the blogosphere. You are one of my favorites as well, and that's not just because you'd show up at someone's door with a case of wine and a basket full of kitties!

  23. Thank you Katie...

    some of give their true self - not the stuff you read in textbooks, or the polite stuff, but the stuff that comes from the heart.

    I love feeling like I know someone. You do that for me, as do so many of the people that comment here. Myrna, Sam, Lucy. I so appreciate it and it makes it that much easier for me to do the same!

  24. I do the same thing... I've managed to become a little less compulsive about stats, but even now, there is an extent to which I weigh how many comments/page views THIS entry got compared to THAT entry.
    It's a feedback mechanism for writing that I probably give way too much weight to. The differences probably are meaningless - there's just no one reading blogs on Thursdays or Saturdays...
    Thanks for the great list of blog links for me to explore!


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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