Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Day of Action

One thing I try to never do here, is voice my political opinions.  Well, there is this one story that I've been meaning to tell you about - when Miss Lucy and I bumping into Mitt Romney, in a hotel lobby in New Orleans during the last presidential election.  Miss Lucy was wearing her OBAMA bandanna.  The gasp heard from the crowd was priceless.

And there is this other story - about how I made my own OBAMA buttons and hand delivered them in 6 different states.   One of them was mailed to a friend in Hawaii and hand delivered to Senator Inouye.  He wore it at a democratic convention (see Steve's Inauguration Travel Log).

that's my button!  the smaller one, under the bigger one

But I'll save those stories for another day.  Today I am heading into the city to meet my dear Monkey Girl friend and her friend.  I'll also be swinging by Time Square to take part in a massive convergence in solidarity.  Today, as most of you know, is World Day of Action.

There will be music, performances and a big message - that the people of this country, not the banks, not corporate american - hold the true power.

Because I'm opinionated, bossy, and do not handle direction or barricades well (see story Whats Wrong With Me), I realize there is a slight chance that I might get arrested.

To prepare for this possibility, I gave the cat her catnip, shaved my legs, and put on Spanx. I wonder if laptops are allowed in the slammer?

So, if I don't post for a day or two or 20, don't worry.  I am fine.  I'm with my people - my outspoken, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore, people.

Today, I'll be joining thousands of you, in hundreds of cities across the country, in support of this movement.  For me, once again, its about HOPE and a new vision for the future.

Together we are the tipping point.  


  1. and this is why I love you!!!!!

    Good luck, and by damn, if they arrest you, well, ummmm, don't bend over.

  2. Let's join together and fight the good fight!

  3. You go girl. This line had me laughing: "To prepare for this possibility, I gave the cat her catnip, shaved my legs, and put on Spanx."

    Excellent. I found your blog from Em's where she was gushing about you. Nice to meet you!

  4. Go you! I would say try and keep out of trouble, but, yeah. No :-)

  5. I love the closing line. I also love how you plan ahead for jail. Smart girl. If I ever end up in the slammer, I hope you are my roommate.

  6. Well, hey, have fun and at least tuck some chocolate in those spanx so you don't have to eat jail food.

  7. Good for you! I try to curb the politics a bit on my blog too, as the blog is about the writing, but it sounds like we are of like-minds on both content and refusal to behave when a little civil disobedience is necessary. I share your hope. At least people are FINALLY waking up.

  8. I have always been proud of you, and now, more so. You have a lot more to lose than me, and most of the people doing it. Thank you. I hope you have some #s memorized, or your lawyer's # sharpied on you somewhere. A huge thing you, and everyone can do is move your money to a credit union. you go, girl! I was going to recommend bringing your baton, but it could look like a pipe bomb :/

  9. I realize this is late advice, but if you don't have your lawyer's telephone number memorized, write it in permanent ink on your arm. (If you decide you want out of the slammer if you're in the slammer. Which I'm glad you're not.)

  10. Cool button. And I love how the Senator is doing the shaka/aloha spirit thing. I won't wear Spanx even for jail though.

    Anon & I are on similar pages, albeit different posts. You go, go sharpied, but go!


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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