Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Mind Clutter

I'm really behind on my writing but once again, its impossible for me to focus when there is clutter in my head.

So, lets get to it.

I got a chance to spend quality time with my grandson this week.  On Tuesday we shared lunch at my office and he was thrilled with his chicken fingers. "Look Nanny, my chicken looks like Africa!"

It certainly does Jackson. I love how your mind works. You inspire me. I need to remember to look at things more closely - to be present in the moment and to be aware of my surroundings.

Later that day I spotted this tree at the park. Isn't it gorgeous!

Let's take a closer look

I want to know the story behind that tie. Since I don't, I'll make one up.

A business professional, enjoying a leisurely lunch in the park decides, "Fuck it, I hate ties and I'm not going to wear one anymore!" 

Or maybe someone decided, All this tree needs is a blue and red striped tie, then ran to Brooks Brothers and picked one up. I checked the label. It is a Brooks Brothers tie and the store is right up the street. 

Miss Lucy made a friend at the park yesterday. His name is Baxter. I told his owner that we had a dog named Baxter when my daughter was very young. I asked if he had any children. He did - a one month old baby girl.  

"Oh, just wait till she starts to talk," I told him. "All you'll hear is, Come here Bastard. Sit Bastard. Give me your paw Bastard. Get the ball Bastard."  It got so bad, we changed our dogs name. To make the transition smoother we allowed our daughter to pick the name. She named him Pig.  

Across the street from the park is the Art Center. There are several large animal sculptures on the front lawn. Because of this they put a sign on one of the trees. I caught this rebellious squirrel breaking the rules. On second thought, he may simply be confused.

(do you see the squirrel?  he's right there to the left of the tree)

This magazine was part of our Wednesday mail.  It's actually a catalog disguised as a magazine.  It's from a local jewelry store called Lux, Bond and Green.

Towards the back is their wedding section.  

This is the first time I have seen a gay couple featured in a wedding section and I must admit I was bothered by what I saw.  Lets take a closer look.

It's not the Charlie Sheen bowling shirts that bother me, but if you're going to go as far as to match the blues in your shirt, why not the pants? Stone and white? REALLY? You couldn't find white pants? I don't even see stone in his shirt. I see white, grayish taupe, and blue.

While I was in Brooks Brothers, inquiring on whether or not anyone had purchased a blue and red stripped tie that week, I asked the sales associate for his opinion on the pants. He was horrified.

Look what I found at the wine store!  

I was going to give up drinking wine during the month of November, but this changes everything! It's a sign I tell you. I'm certain of it.

One of the things I wished for on 11.11.11 was financial freedom. Later that same day I spotted this ATM machine at the local drug store.

As you can see it is open. It is also loaded with cash. I did the only thing an almost ostracized security specialist could do. I notified the manager.  

I need to learn to be more specific about my wishes.  

Hope you all have a glorious weekend. Time for me to focus on writing... 



  1. Love the name change on the dog, so true....thanks for the smile, and the tootsie roll earlier...



  2. Even the ATM machine opened up its door for you to clutter and unclutter.

  3. You're on a roll today. I love the story of your dog's name.

  4. when my daughter was little, hubby would carry her on his shoulders...when he would duck under a doorway, etc., he would say "low bridge"...we were walking outside one day and he ducked under a tree to avoid a branch...daughter says "yo bitch"...hubby & I look at each other with accusing stares...did you teach her that?...We think she meant "low bridge" I loved the Baxter story!!!

  5. I absolutely adore your sense of humor. I love how you don't miss anything. I keep saying, destiny awaits, you just gotta believe. My Christmas story, "Remy Broussard's Christmas," is climbing in the charts. Who wouda thunk it, a gal from the middle of nowhere in Louisiana? Keep writing, girl! You've got amazing talent!

  6. thank you everyone!

    Kittie, I'm hanging on your every word and congratulations on your book! (bitch) seriously :)

    everyone... I have a major writing crush on Kittie. no joke... this is serious.

    really appreciate your comments and return visits MG, Blissed, Ocean and Maureen. You're loyal. You're amazing.. I really appreciate both!

    I'm sipping on (sucking down) chardonnay on this lovely saturday evening. ND is on, the fire is roaring, life feels very fine indeed! cheers ~

  7. I must admit that I would have notified the manager too. Damn moral values. What was my mother thinking???

    Funny side story...

    When my husband was in his early 20s he had a fling with a married woman (scandalous, I know). Anyway, they got a bit busy on the back nine of a golf course near his house one night. He grabbed up all the clothes he could find in the dark and headed home after there little trist.

    The next day on the way to work, he passed the back side of the golf course and noticed his SOCKS hanging from the tree. (That would explain why he couldn't find them.)

    So where did the tie come from? I have no idea. But I promise we weren't anywhere near CT on our date night Friday. :)

  8. thats a great story Julianna! makes me want to start a story from there and work backwards.

  9. So much to comment on!
    I always make up stories about abandoned clothing and footwear, it just has to be done. I love the picture of the squirrel, I think he's a rebel - and I love the way your grandson's mind works.
    Oh, and the wine is awesome!

  10. LOVE that wine label! i think i need some too
    ~laura xx

  11. Entertaining post! So many little snippets. I'm glad you told us where the squirrel was. I would have completely missed him otherwise.

  12. Thanks for making me laugh. (you are quite funny) I just finished doing a Animal Show in NYC and needed an escape, found your Blog and the rest ....


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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