Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I haven't posted in a few days. Still working on my piece about WHY I didn't see him before he died. Damn this is hard. I'm also still pimping out KING and QUEEN - desperate for readers. I get so insecure when it comes to my real writing.

I wish my writing flowed... but that almost never happens. It comes out more like a hiccup - one sentence at a time.

QUESTION - What makes a person who plays an instrument a musician, and is it the same as what makes a person who writes a writer?

Is writing a skill or a talent?  Can you learn to be a talented writer or is it a gift?

As you may have guessed, I'm still struggling with believing in myself.

Because I'm getting REALLY annoyed at home, I'm going to try writing at the library today - after I get my car out of the shop and before I head to the office. So from now on, DON'T TEXT or CALL ME from 8am to 1:00pm, unless it's a REAL emergency!!!


  1. A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.
  2. Arising from or needed or used in an emergency. 

See... I'm cranky again. Like I was on the day of the marathon. I think I'll stay this way until I finish telling you WHY I didn't see him before he died.



  1. wow. I got completely sucked in.

  2. Lots of music in this one!

    I am always a sucker for this sort of piece. Tributes based on a lifetime of memories just work for me...

    Drugs make for good stories and bad lives. This one is a pretty good one, even on that scale!

  3. I hope I can write half as good as this piece was one day.

  4. Ack...I'm at work. Will try and remember to come back and read King and Queen. Faith in yourself is a rare commodity. Just grab hold and KNOW! Does playing an instrument make you a musician? Yes, but not necessarily a good one. I made a pot once in pottery class. I wouldn't call myself a potter by any stretch. There is an element of god gifted talent we are born with in any area. We can learn, but the talent makes the doer a master.

  5. We practice even our religion
    because we can never be said
    to be masters of, or perfect
    at these lofty pursuits.

    Keep writing!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  6. For the record... I read this the first time and loved it. But then the "mental midgets" in my life spewed forth their demands and annoying "can I? can I? cani?cani?cani?????" and I forgot to come back and comment.

    Any hoo...

    Loved it! And it is a bit freaky how many details the police can get if they want it. My exhusband interviewed once for the CIA.... scary what they came up with. :)

  7. ohhhhhh... thank you devoted bloggers! you know who you are... and you know how desperate a blogger can be. Validation.. its allll about validation. YOU validate me :)

  8. It doesn't matter whether being a talented writer can be learnt or not. You're already one.

  9. Aloha Shhhaaannnoonn ;) (Loved the need to use Joan when ordering pizza after a few glasses of wine :)

    Anyway.... OMG, seriously... are you kidding me?

    You are an AWESOME writer and Mahalo for stopping by my blog so I could "find" you....

    I have been blown away the last thirty mins reading your work (my heart aches for your loss... and sings for the amazing love you have for Kerry.)

    Do you have a ms. finished? If so, you should get that puppy published... I want to buy a copy :)

    Regards, and aloha (your second fan in Honolulu :)

  10. Mark - funny when I first saw "MARK" as the commenter I thought GREAT, finally, my husband is reading me. (his name is mark but that is clear, I'm sure)... when I realized it wasn't him I was disappointed.. then I read your comment ... what a comment! what a complement! THANK YOU

    nothing complete YET.. working on it diligently. Most of all... thank you for reading about my beautiful son - you are helping to keep his memory alive!!! soooo appreciate that. My goal is to write him so you know him. Know how he lived, who he was... (thank you again)


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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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