Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello Everyone! I'm feeling very excited about the day. Today is Miss Pegged's BIRTHDAY!!!


Miss Pegged is an angel in so many ways.

One of my favorite posts involving Miss Pegged is Free at Last if you haven't read it please do! It's very silly.

You may remember how, last week, Miss Pegged saved my ass! If you missed it, it's in a post called BUSTED.

Miss Pegged listens to my stories before I write them. In this way she's sort of like live bait. I put it out there then...wait...wait to see if she nibbles on it. If she laughs (out loud) I know I've got her! That's how I know I should write it. Well, thats how I know I should write the silly stuff. I try to make her cry during my sad stories.

Sometimes she laughs at me when I'm trying to be serious - like when I told her about being run over by a pedicab.  Thats how I know I'm taking myself too seriously. Bold Choices turned out to be one of my funniest posts ever. 
Whether its work or play, Miss Pegged and I are a good fit and I take full credit for that. I know good people and I consciously choose to align myself with good people.  

And speaking of good people... 

If you read one of my stories soon after I post it, you'll notice it is littered with typos. I have two wonderful (and super smart) friends that edit me. Ponder lives on the west coast and my Jay lives a stones throw away.

((((THANK YOU BOTH))))  

       Jay                                                          Ponder

Let's face it - I'm a grammatical mess! There is zero chance that I'm ever going to get the "possessive" S's stuff. I typically can't wait for them to edit it -  must   post   immediately,  must   get   that   gratification - I'm like a crack whore in need of a fix.

Today, I'm going to try and wait.

I finished writing WHY (part 2 of KING AND QUEEN) thanks to your encouragement. It was difficult to write. I felt like a little girl sitting in a confessional box - stuttering through her sins. I'm going to email it to Jay and Ponder and hope that they will have time to read and edit it (before I post).

Yesterday I wrote at the library and I LOVED it! I have not been to the library since my daughter was young. My first reaction was....WOW, this place is full of smart people and they read BOOKS, these are my people, of course I should be writing here!

On my way to the library I spotted two chipmunks heavily engaged in a fight. At first, I thought it was a brown ball, rolling across the grass. Belly to belly, teeth exposed, claws drawn - twirling around and over each other. What could have happened that caused such furry? Are they fighting over a nut?

It made me realize how silly I was being, getting annoyed by all my writing distractions -  people texting me, telemarketers calling me, wood-chipper outside my window, the THUMP from my grumpy neighbor as he SLAMS the front door...

Yesterday I was cranky, but today all that has changed. Today I'm feeling grateful. Grateful to all of you who support me with patience, love and genuine kindness - especially those of you who read me!



  1. Nice tribute! If I was real, I'd hang out with Miss Pegged!! She's my kind of fun gal. Ponder and Jay, also! Although, I assume they're not gals. "Free At Last" was hilarious (even if I was horrified that Mr. Cooked would find out, haha)----Sam, the Shadow, Bailey

  2. OH, and if you need to text me feel free. I've put my cell on vibrate and its nestled between my legs.

  3. You've got a great wit, Green Monkey! Now that time's opened up, I'm going to go back and read some of your earlier posts. (Don't you love neighbors who slam doors? *rolls eyes*)

  4. and if any of you are wondering... YES, all my friends wear costumes. Except for Mr. Cooked. He refuses to wear a costume...and yet, he has the most BIZARRE collection of clown like, puma sneakers (remind me to blog about them)

    Sam, you're such a MOOSER and you are SO not real!
    Kittie, you reading me is extra sweet. EVERYONE... this lady can write and she has a book to prove it. I will blog about that as well!

  5. Love the pic of the pouncing chipmunk!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Miss Pegged!!!



  6. Happy Birthday, Miss Pegged! Looking forward to reading part II of KING AND QUEEN!

  7. Occasion is my nemesis word. For that matter, now that I had to spell check it, so is nemesis. Another classic GM.

  8. And that whould be why I couldn't read "WHY?" on my reader. :)

    We all have thsoe people in our lives, or we should anyway. But I must say, nome of my "Miss Pegged" have her fashion sense. :)

  9. you are into something GOOD

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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Thank You For Encouraging My Joy of Writing

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